Sunday, 12 January 2014

Joshi Moshi's day at Waitrose Cookery School

Our main christmas present was to go to waitrose cookery school on the 11th January 2014. It was in london so we had to go on the train to get there.

when we got there we had some snacks before we started.

We went into the theartre to watch how to make chicken fajitas and tortilla chips. Then we went and made them. after we made them,we ate them. they tasted really yummy.

After we had eaten we went and watched how to make caramel swirl brownies. then we started to make it.

when we had put our brownies in the oven we went and watched how to make toad in the hole and redcurrant gravy to go with it. then we went and made it. me and my dad did the sausages and the batter  and my brother and my mum did the gravy.

 for lunch we had toad in the hole and for pudding we had our brownies. then we learned to make salmon fish cakes that we took home. then I got sylvana's auto-gragh. my favourite thing to make was the fish cakes and my favourite thing to eat was the brownie. my favourite bit was eating all of the food that we made.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

moshi monsters magic choc

My mum did an interview review with me for Moshi Monsters Magic Choc. I won a pack of Magic Choc in a Moshi Monsters Magazine competition as I always love entering the competitions.

Mum: So tell us about the Magic Choc you won?
Joshi Moshi: I won a pack that can make 4 models. It had milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate.

Mum: Was it easy to use?
Joshi Moshi: yes

Mum: What did you make with it?
Joshi Moshi:I made an Iggy and a model I made up called 'the big mess'.

Mum: Who would like this product?
Joshi Moshi: me, other moshi fans and anyone else who likes chocolate.
my brother made a magic choc model too
Mum: Anything else you would like to tell us about it?
Joshi Moshi: I really liked it and I would definitly recommend this product.
mum made an IGGY

My sister ate the IGGY