Friday, 21 March 2014

Yoshi's new island review

We got sent a new NintendoYoshi game to try out. It is called Yoshi's New Island. It is for 3DS but we have a 2DS and it works in a 2DS.

My mum interviewed me to see what I thought about it:

Tell us a bit about what the game is about:
baby luigi got stolen and baby mario fell down onto yoshi island and the yoshi clan decided to help him.

Who are the main characters?
the yoshi clan, baby mario, baby luigi and baby bowser.

And who is your favourite character from the game?
baby luigi.

And why is he your favourite?
because you have to rescue him

What is the main thing you need to do? (e.g. rescue someone? capture someone? find an object?)
find baby bowser's lair and rescue baby luigi.

Is it easy to play?
it is a bit tricky at first but then once you know all the controls it is easier.

Tell us a bit about the controls you use?
a to jump b to gobble x is toss egg  make egg is down  and y is lock cursor

Did you like it?

Who else do you think would like it?
anyone who likes the mario characters and people who like platform games.

What is a 'platform' game? (This question is for mum's benefit)
A game where you have to jump between platforms and over obstacles.

What score would you give it out of ten?