Monday, 20 October 2014

The best place on earth!

When we went on our road trip, one of the hotels we stayed in, Fowey Hall, felt like the best place on earth!

Fowey hall is AWESOME!!!!
When you go in there is fresh fruit which you can take whenever you want.
If you go down the corridor on the left and keep going down it you get to two games rooms. In one there is table tennis and the other one has table football and TWO Nintendo Wii's!

There is a film room and the garden is MASSIVE!

In the garden there is a trampoline, a swingball set, footballs, shuttle cock, two tyre swings, a hidden willow house, a swinging seat, a giant zip wire and more...

They also have a swimming pool right next to the hotel.

Our room was great.
I got first choice of bed in our room.
They have internet connection and not one that cuts out when your using it.

On the second night, we watched the red arrows display. At the start the red arrows went right over our heads. The best view of the red arrows was from Fowey hall.

I really think Fowey hall is the best place on earth.

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