Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Recently I have been getting lots of moshling figures. I already have over 100 moshlings. When we went to Asda I got 15 moshlings. I already had some so I gave those ones to my brother and sister. My favourite moshling out of the ones that I got is Nipper who is an ultra rare moshling.
Also when we went to Smyths toys superstores I got some other moshlings there as well. My favourite moshling out of those ones is Tiki.
Also the Lurgee I got is very important because I have completed the whole series 6!
As well as getting those moshlings I got a rox collection 2 tin. I already have the rox collection tin so now I have 16 rox moshlings. My favourite moshling out of those is Gabby because she is see-through.
rox gabby
For christmas I got a movie tin with 6 silver moshlings and 2 exclusive ones. My favourite silver one is Blinki.
silver blinki

Friday, 27 December 2013

moshi village review

There is a new app called moshi village. You choose your age, select your monster and start playing! When you start playing it gives you honey. You have to rescue moshlings by swiping the glumps away and poking the glumps eyes when they are close to the screen. When you have killed all the glumps you get a moshling. You have to have enough gloop to get the moshlings. You can buy lots of stuff like small bushes, farms and spas for your moshlings. You and your moshlings can level up. You can level up your moshlings by feeding them, caring for them and washing them. Once your moshling has got to a certain level then you can give it a nickname. Once you  buy a farm you can grow food for your moshlings. Whenever you level up you can buy new stuff. When you want to plant some food in your garden choose which type of food you want to plant. If you tell a friend who has also got moshi village your code that you get given then they can send a friend request to you so you can become friends. You get given quests to do and if you complete them then you get some coins and xp.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Wizards vs aliens the eye of bashtarr review

There are three places: forest caves zarantulas. Each with ten levels.

You have to control tom and benny. Up key is up, left and right keys left and right. Space bar use spell/power c key change character. You get different powers as you progress through the game. On level ten of each place there is a boss to defeat. Forest boss is a blaster bot. caves boss is tychran. Zarantulas boss is nekross king.


Aerox is a game where you have to tip your ipad to get the ball to the goal.

level 26
Level 26 is the trick level because for the first bit you don’t use the springs instead you use the magnets to sort of swing yourself along onto the next platform. I found level 18 easiest. Even though level 35 is the last level I found that level quite easy as well.

Minion rush review

Minion rush is my fav ipad game. You have to swipe left and right to change lanes swipe up to jump and swipe down to roll. You start off with a normal minion and spend your bananas and tokens. You collect bananas in your run. You can collect apples in your run. If you collect all 3 apples that day then you get a prize pod. Open it to get prizes like tokens or puzzle pieces. If you get a number of puzzle pieces then you get a certain character. You can get power-ups in your run like shield,  mega minion, unicorn, banana splitter, rocket and banana vacuum.

bug rush tips

Recently moshi have been showing places for lots of moshlings in the zoo. For instance bodge, splatter, willow hocus and Vinnie. Also there has been a 4 part mission going on. The mission is called the moshi movie mystery. There has been 2 parts out so far. There is also a mini-game called bug rush. My tips for bug rush would be: don’t stick in 1 place and wait for the flies to come to you. Instead you explore looking for timers. Each timer gives you 5 secs longer. When choosing your character if you are a member choose your latest moshling because you can catch rarer flies which give you more points but the rarer flies are trickier to catch.

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