Wednesday 27 November 2019

Moshi Monsters

ToshiKatsuma will die on Friday 13th December 12pm GMT and there is nothing I can do about it.

He will drop to the floor, dead. Doris, my first moshling, will fall down next to him. The other Katsumas, Furis Luvlis, Poppets, Zommers and Diavlos will also die.

So will all of the moshlings.

And Elder Furi.

And Rory Scrawl.

And all the shopowners - including Snozzle Wobbleson.

And the glumps.

And Sweet Tooth.

And Dr Stangeglove.

And any other character that has ever existed in Moshi Monsters.

And then Monstro City will sink.

I prefer Moshi Monsters to Club Penguin because on Club Penguin I haven't got a membership and there isn't much you can do without a membership.

Monday 20 October 2014

The best place on earth!

When we went on our road trip, one of the hotels we stayed in, Fowey Hall, felt like the best place on earth!

Fowey hall is AWESOME!!!!
When you go in there is fresh fruit which you can take whenever you want.
If you go down the corridor on the left and keep going down it you get to two games rooms. In one there is table tennis and the other one has table football and TWO Nintendo Wii's!

There is a film room and the garden is MASSIVE!

In the garden there is a trampoline, a swingball set, footballs, shuttle cock, two tyre swings, a hidden willow house, a swinging seat, a giant zip wire and more...

They also have a swimming pool right next to the hotel.

Our room was great.
I got first choice of bed in our room.
They have internet connection and not one that cuts out when your using it.

On the second night, we watched the red arrows display. At the start the red arrows went right over our heads. The best view of the red arrows was from Fowey hall.

I really think Fowey hall is the best place on earth.

You can read more about our time at Fowey Hall here and here.

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Pokemon Art Academy Review

It's my birthday tomorrow, and I'm going to be 10. So I'm excited to be reviewing Pokemon Art Academy for Nintendo 3DS but thankfully it can also be used on Nintendo 2DS which is what I've got.

The difference between a 3DS and 2DS is that you can play games in 3D on the 3DS and only in 2D on the 2DS but you can play 3DS games on the 2DS because they work on there but in 2D.

On Pokemon Art Academy, the bad thing is you can't have different files for different users. Although you can reset the progress but that's not quite the same. If it allowed you to have files, then different people could play on different files and save their own individual progress that way.

Now onto the good stuff because it is a really good game and there are lots of good things about it.

There are three sections that you can do: Lessons, Free draw, and Quick sketch.

In the Lessons section, there are 3 Pokemon to draw in the starter excercise. It includes Froakie's face, Pikachu's face and Piplup's face.

Well there are different ranks you can get. The first one is Novice. In the Novice section there are 4 sets. In each of the 4 sets there are 4 Pokemon. So that means there are loads of Pokemon to draw.

Then when you move up a rank, there are loads more. So you'll never get bored!

There are 8 rules of drawing Pokemon too which the game guides you through.

I really enjoyed this.

Friday 16 May 2014

My FAVOURITE way to spend a sunny day outside is…

… to sit in the garden and play Moshi Monsters’ Village on the iPad all day.  BUT...  it would be more exciting if I went to the moon!
Me in space
Now you might say that you cannot go to the moon on a sunny day. But remember that it is always sunny in space. And a sunny day is followed by a starry night.

If I flew to the moon I would need to be strapped in tight.
Strapped in tight.
Strapped in tight to my seat.
Strapped in tight to my seat in a rocket.
Strapped in tight to my seat in a rocket waiting to take off.
Strapped in tight to my seat in a rocket waiting to take off ready to zoom to the moon.
Strapped in tight to my seat in a rocket waiting to take off ready to zoom to the moon really fast.

I would go in my rocket and I would go higher than anything else.
I would fly through the layers of the earth’s atmosphere.
Fly through the troposphere.
Up through the stratosphere.
On through the mesosphere.
Out through the thermosphere.
Then out into the exosphere.
Out into space.

I would go shooting around the stars and planets.
Visit Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
Fly past the stars. Those great big burning balls of fire. Intense heat. Bright lights. Twinkling. Shining. Dazzling. Burning. Amazing.

Then back, back, back to land on the moon.
Me landing on the moon

I’d kick a football on the moon. It would never come back. It would just keep on floating away. Far away.
From the moon, I would look down and see the earth.
Looking at that blue balloon, I would imagine my friends, at school, talking about Moshi Monsters.
I would imagine the cars driving down the streets.
I would imagine the planes flying through the sky.
I would imagine people eating chocolate.
I would imagine people looking up at the moon, but not seeing me there.

On my trip to the moon, I would take my whole family.
My brother, my sister, my mummy and daddy.
We would all be there.
On the moon.

I would play with them.
I would play tennis with my little brother Daniel.
I would play pool with Daddy
I would play chess with Mummy.
And I would play bounce with my little sister Trinity.

Me and my dad took this photo of the moon with the camera through the telescope.
I love watching the moon through my Mummy’s telescope.
These are the things I have seen
Jupiter’s moons
And the moon.

And I want to go to the moon.
Strapped in tight.
Strapped in tight to my seat.
Strapped in tight to my seat in a rocket.
Strapped in tight to my seat in a rocket waiting to take off.
Strapped in tight to my seat in a rocket waiting to take off ready to zoom to the moon.

This is my entry to MAD Blog Awards 2014 Kid blog of the year. My name is Joshua and I am 9 and three quarters. 

Sunday 11 May 2014

smash hit review

Smash hit is a new game on the Ipad. you have to fire metal balls at objects to get through the checkpoints. you start with 25 balls. you have to fire balls at power-ups and if you hit a crystal you get 3 extra balls. later on there are pyramids which give you 5 balls. if you are really good you get further and there are spiked balls which give you 10 balls. the power-ups are : 1. infinity ball. 2. slow down time.  and 3. you get exploding can't use 2 power-ups at once. glass you can smash, but later on there are laser beams and you have to hit the pink bit and even further than that there is metal which you can't smash. there are now 11 checkpoints and a starter level. after that it goes onto endless mode. endless mode is really cool. I have  got onto endless mode but Dan is stuck on checkpoint 5.

Friday 21 March 2014

Yoshi's new island review

We got sent a new NintendoYoshi game to try out. It is called Yoshi's New Island. It is for 3DS but we have a 2DS and it works in a 2DS.

My mum interviewed me to see what I thought about it:

Tell us a bit about what the game is about:
baby luigi got stolen and baby mario fell down onto yoshi island and the yoshi clan decided to help him.

Who are the main characters?
the yoshi clan, baby mario, baby luigi and baby bowser.

And who is your favourite character from the game?
baby luigi.

And why is he your favourite?
because you have to rescue him

What is the main thing you need to do? (e.g. rescue someone? capture someone? find an object?)
find baby bowser's lair and rescue baby luigi.

Is it easy to play?
it is a bit tricky at first but then once you know all the controls it is easier.

Tell us a bit about the controls you use?
a to jump b to gobble x is toss egg  make egg is down  and y is lock cursor

Did you like it?

Who else do you think would like it?
anyone who likes the mario characters and people who like platform games.

What is a 'platform' game? (This question is for mum's benefit)
A game where you have to jump between platforms and over obstacles.

What score would you give it out of ten?


Sunday 16 February 2014

The moshi frosty games

A new thing on moshi is a kind of competition. you  choose to play one of four games and then you play it. the four games are: 1. beanstalk bounce 2. ice-scream challenge 3. thump-a-glump  and 4. bug rush. my favourite game is bug rush. the trickiest one is ice-scream challenge. on the leader board the poppets are 3rd the katsumas are 2nd  and the diavloes  are 1st. i've got a katsuma so my type of monster is second.

Sunday 12 January 2014

Joshi Moshi's day at Waitrose Cookery School

Our main christmas present was to go to waitrose cookery school on the 11th January 2014. It was in london so we had to go on the train to get there.

when we got there we had some snacks before we started.

We went into the theartre to watch how to make chicken fajitas and tortilla chips. Then we went and made them. after we made them,we ate them. they tasted really yummy.

After we had eaten we went and watched how to make caramel swirl brownies. then we started to make it.

when we had put our brownies in the oven we went and watched how to make toad in the hole and redcurrant gravy to go with it. then we went and made it. me and my dad did the sausages and the batter  and my brother and my mum did the gravy.

 for lunch we had toad in the hole and for pudding we had our brownies. then we learned to make salmon fish cakes that we took home. then I got sylvana's auto-gragh. my favourite thing to make was the fish cakes and my favourite thing to eat was the brownie. my favourite bit was eating all of the food that we made.

Thursday 2 January 2014

moshi monsters magic choc

My mum did an interview review with me for Moshi Monsters Magic Choc. I won a pack of Magic Choc in a Moshi Monsters Magazine competition as I always love entering the competitions.

Mum: So tell us about the Magic Choc you won?
Joshi Moshi: I won a pack that can make 4 models. It had milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate.

Mum: Was it easy to use?
Joshi Moshi: yes

Mum: What did you make with it?
Joshi Moshi:I made an Iggy and a model I made up called 'the big mess'.

Mum: Who would like this product?
Joshi Moshi: me, other moshi fans and anyone else who likes chocolate.
my brother made a magic choc model too
Mum: Anything else you would like to tell us about it?
Joshi Moshi: I really liked it and I would definitly recommend this product.
mum made an IGGY

My sister ate the IGGY

Tuesday 31 December 2013


Recently I have been getting lots of moshling figures. I already have over 100 moshlings. When we went to Asda I got 15 moshlings. I already had some so I gave those ones to my brother and sister. My favourite moshling out of the ones that I got is Nipper who is an ultra rare moshling.
Also when we went to Smyths toys superstores I got some other moshlings there as well. My favourite moshling out of those ones is Tiki.
Also the Lurgee I got is very important because I have completed the whole series 6!
As well as getting those moshlings I got a rox collection 2 tin. I already have the rox collection tin so now I have 16 rox moshlings. My favourite moshling out of those is Gabby because she is see-through.
rox gabby
For christmas I got a movie tin with 6 silver moshlings and 2 exclusive ones. My favourite silver one is Blinki.
silver blinki