Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Pokemon Art Academy Review

It's my birthday tomorrow, and I'm going to be 10. So I'm excited to be reviewing Pokemon Art Academy for Nintendo 3DS but thankfully it can also be used on Nintendo 2DS which is what I've got.

The difference between a 3DS and 2DS is that you can play games in 3D on the 3DS and only in 2D on the 2DS but you can play 3DS games on the 2DS because they work on there but in 2D.

On Pokemon Art Academy, the bad thing is you can't have different files for different users. Although you can reset the progress but that's not quite the same. If it allowed you to have files, then different people could play on different files and save their own individual progress that way.

Now onto the good stuff because it is a really good game and there are lots of good things about it.

There are three sections that you can do: Lessons, Free draw, and Quick sketch.

In the Lessons section, there are 3 Pokemon to draw in the starter excercise. It includes Froakie's face, Pikachu's face and Piplup's face.

Well there are different ranks you can get. The first one is Novice. In the Novice section there are 4 sets. In each of the 4 sets there are 4 Pokemon. So that means there are loads of Pokemon to draw.

Then when you move up a rank, there are loads more. So you'll never get bored!

There are 8 rules of drawing Pokemon too which the game guides you through.

I really enjoyed this.

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Supergranbee007 said...

Happy Birthday - great review x x