Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Recently I have been getting lots of moshling figures. I already have over 100 moshlings. When we went to Asda I got 15 moshlings. I already had some so I gave those ones to my brother and sister. My favourite moshling out of the ones that I got is Nipper who is an ultra rare moshling.
Also when we went to Smyths toys superstores I got some other moshlings there as well. My favourite moshling out of those ones is Tiki.
Also the Lurgee I got is very important because I have completed the whole series 6!
As well as getting those moshlings I got a rox collection 2 tin. I already have the rox collection tin so now I have 16 rox moshlings. My favourite moshling out of those is Gabby because she is see-through.
rox gabby
For christmas I got a movie tin with 6 silver moshlings and 2 exclusive ones. My favourite silver one is Blinki.
silver blinki

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